3D Modelling

We can help you visualise your project through interactive 3D models. More than simply a 3D visual, the model contains the data from your project, so can be used for project management as well as the production of technical drawings and sections to help you, and others, better understand your project. Produced on Revit, the industry standard software, the model can be used to create high quality renders and visualisations such as panoramic images for marketing and sales.

For an example, please try exploring the model below:


Please note, the model may take a few second to load.

Try clicking on the ‘sheets’ to see the 2D images and ‘models’ to see views of different building elements.

Use the buttons to the bottom of the screen to navigate around the model.

We apologise that this feature may not be fully supported on some browsers, and there are currently known compatibility issues with Firefox.